Commercial Cleaning

Total Cleaning Ltd has over 25 years’ experience and specialises in providing commercial cleaning to the highest standard with our team of fully trained and motivated cleaners. We provide reliable and effective cleaning solutions with a passion for great customer service and truly understand the need for a clean, healthy and hygienic working environment.

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Commercial Cleaning

Daily Commercial Cleaning Services

Here at Total Cleaning Ltd, we specialise in cleaning commercial properties such as offices, retail shops, restaurants, medical facilities, schools, and more.

We pride ourselves on our high standards, competitive prices and great customer service. Our clients benefit from hassle free cleaning by fully trained, motivated and valued cleaners, we supervise our sites to ensure the highest standards are maintained. We can tailor our service to meet your requirements and we are always on hand to deal with any queries or issues efficiently.

Our Services

Commercial Services

We include tasks such as:


Using soft cloth to gently remove dust from surfaces, promoting cleanliness and reducing allergens for a healthier working environment.


We provide all our sites with a reliable Henry vacuum to remove dirt and debris, enhancing cleanliness and appearance of floors and improving indoor air quality.


Using a damp mop and a cleaning solution to effectively sanitise and remove dirt for a clean and hygienic environment. Regular mopping ensures a fresh and polished floor appearance.


Using a solution to eliminate bacteria and viruses on surfaces, crucial for maintaining a hygienic working environment and preventing the spread of illness.

Restocking Supplies

As part of our service, we routinely supply essential cleaning supplies to all our sites to enable our cleaners perform their tasks effectively. We also offer optional chargeable items such as toilet paper and hand towels if requested.

Continuous Auditing

Our dedicated supervision team conducts regular audits of all our sites to ensure the highest standards are maintained.

Commercial Cleaning

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All cleaners have been vetted and are both reliable and trustworthy

Tailored Cleaning Specifications with ongoing auditing by our Supervisors ensure continuous high standards

Competitive and affordable rates plus a 30 day no-obligation trial period

A Total Cleaning Solution in 3 easy steps: No Charge - No Obligation - No Fuss

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