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Here at Total Cleaning Ltd, we offer a wide range of commercial cleaning services from office cleaning, to carpet and window cleaning and everything in between. With our dedicated team of trained professionals, we have been providing high quality cleaning services throughout Buckinghamshire for over 25 years

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Commercial Cleaning Specialists Providing High Quality, Hassle-Free Services

Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning

Total Cleaning Ltd provides essential office cleaning services, ensuring office spaces are clean, presentable, and safe for everyone.

commercial cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

We specialise in cleaning commercial properties, including offices, retail shops, restaurants, medical facilities, and schools.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

Ensuring cleaning to a meticulous, high standard of a rental property, residential or commercial, leaving the property pristine for the next occupant.

Keyboard and Computer Cleaning Services

Assisting in preventing the transmission of germs in the workplace Total Cleaning Ltd has been offering computer equipment cleaning services as part of our total cleaning solution.

window cleaning

Window Cleaning

Professional interior and external window cleaning are crucial in our commercial services. Clean windows improve a building's appearance and contribute to a healthier work environment.

carpet cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is a vital service we offer at Total Cleaning Ltd. Over time, carpets gather dirt and pollutants, affecting air quality and creating an unpleasant environment.


Your cleaner is really good – she’s making a far better job than the last guy, and doesn’t work like he did, either!! Please let her know we think she’s great and we really appreciate her efforts.

I have been using Total Cleaning Ltd for cleaning our 3 Story Office Block for 8 years now and Chris and his Team are excellent. The standards are truly superb. Thank you Chris and the Total Cleaning Ltd Team.

We have been using Total Cleaning Ltd for the cleaning of our Estate Agents for seven years and cannot fault their professionalism and attention to detail which is important for our clients first appearance. . Thank you Total Cleaning Ltd!