Keyboard & Computer Cleaning Services

Biocidal and anti-static solution eradicate contaminants Protecting both staff and equipment

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Specialist Sanitation of your PCs Protects against the perils of dust and debris

Viral microbes such as MSSA, Hepatitis and Influenza have all been detected on PC equipment, our cleaning technicians at Total Cleaning Ltd Services will make sure that all particles trapped underneath input keys are removed and the surface of keyboards is thoroughly decontaminated from viral pathogens.

Our professional cleaning technicians achieve this by meticulously brushing between input keys in order to remove lodged particles and wiping down the exterior of keyboard with special non toxic approved anti-bacterial material and solutions that remove all traces of microbial viruses.

Our Services

Computer, Keyboard & Mouse Cleaning

Our one-site services include:

Wiping & Dusting

Our Professional Computer and keyboard cleaning services create hygienically clean work environments.

Keyboard Cleaning

Clean and sanitising of keyboards and computer peripherals.

Surface Cleaning

Cleaning and sanitising of all surfaces, inside and underneath of Computer workplace.


Air dust removal of all debris on and under keys.

Computer Monitor

Our computer cleaning services improve visibility and reliability of computer monitors and screens.

Mouse Cleaning

Dust and debris removed from rollers and the optical sensor, then cleaned and sanitised.

Our experienced teams saves you money

During the past decade, we have witnessed significant advancements in technology, particularly in the development of PCs, laptops, tablets, notebooks, phones, and other devices. Computers were considerably bulkier and more challenging to clean, nowadays, cleaning computer equipment is quicker but still crucial, especially when equipment is shared, with the main focus on controlling germs and viruses.

Germs and bacteria transmitted through computer equipment can lead to the spread of illness in the office, classroom, or shared location, resulting in significant financial costs for companies annually.

Our on-site keyboard & computor cleaning services ensures:

  • Regular cleaning of computer equipment
  • Environmentally safe, antibacterial, antistatic, efficient methods
  • Ensure a germ-free environment, support your staff, prevent cross-contamination, and enhance the working environment.
  • Optimise Equipment Lifespan


Your cleaner is really good – she’s making a far better job than the last guy, and doesn’t work like he did, either!! Please let her know we think she’s great and we really appreciate her efforts.

I have been using Total Cleaning Ltd for cleaning our 3 Story Office Block for 8 years now and Chris and his Team are excellent. The standards are truly superb. Thank you Chris and the Total Cleaning Ltd Team.

We have been using Total Cleaning Ltd for the cleaning of our Estate Agents for seven years and cannot fault their professionalism and attention to detail which is important for our clients first appearance. . Thank you Total Cleaning Ltd!

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