Window Cleaning

Total Cleaning Ltd. works with trusted partners to deliver expert internal and external window cleaning services. Using skilled professionals to achieve effective results to enhance the building’s appearance, providing clear views and an inviting working environment.

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Window Cleaning

Internal and External Window Cleaning Services

Internal and external window cleaning is an essential component of our commercial cleaning services. Clean windows not only enhance the appearance of the building but also create a healthier working environment.

Using a team of highly skilled professionals to remove dirt, grime, and other contaminants using specialised equipment and cleaning solutions.

Professional interior window cleaning can help to improve indoor air quality by removing dirt and dust particles that accumulate on windows over time. Additionally, clean windows allow more natural light to enter the building, creating a brighter and more inviting workspace.

Our Services

Window Cleaning Services

We include tasks such as:

Interior Window Cleaning

Using specialised techniques and solutions to enhance visibility to ensure a clear, polished view.

Exterior Window Cleaning

External window cleaning professionals utilise specialist methods and equipment to remove dirt and grime to overall improve the appearance of the building.

Window Frame Cleaning

Window frame cleaning enhances the appearance of windows by utilising specialised tools and solutions to remove dirt and grime.

Facade Cleaning

Using specialised equipment to expertly remove dirt and stains to revitalise the building’s exterior and provide a well-maintained appearance.

Retail Window Cleaning

Regular and professional cleaning enhances the appearance of the storefront by effectively removing dirt. Using specialist equipment and solutions to ensure an inviting display for customers.

Glass Partition Cleaning

Professional glass partition cleaning ensures transparent and pristine surfaces by expertly removing dirt and fingerprints for a polished and healthy working environment.

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