Keyboard & Computer Cleaning Services

Biocidal and anti-static solution eradicate contaminants Protecting both staff and equipment

Keyboard & Computer Cleaning:

Assisting in preventing the transmission of germs in the workplace Total Cleaning Ltd has been offering computer equipment cleaning services as part of our total cleaning solution.

During the past decade, we have witnessed significant advancements in technology, particularly in the development of PCs, laptops, tablets, notebooks, phones, and other devices. Computers were considerably bulkier and more challenging to maintain, nowadays, cleaning computer equipment is quicker but still crucial, especially when equipment is shared, with the main focus on controlling germs and viruses.

We provide services to small enterprises and large organisations in various fields.

  • Cleaning of computer equipment
  • Environmentally safe, antibacterial, antistatic, efficient methods
  • Ensure a germ-free environment, support your staff, prevent cross-contamination, and enhance the working environment.
  • Optimise Equipment Lifespan

Advantages to keyboard & computer cleaning

  • Type with Confidence & Say Goodbye to Germs and Dust:
    Your keyboard can contain millions of microorganisms, accumulation of crumbs, dust, and filth which can lead to an unclean atmosphere that  may trigger allergies. Avoid endangering your and your staff’s health. Let us professionally deep clean your Keyboard and ensure a healthy workspace.
  • Focus on the hygiene factor & staff safety:
    Total Cleaning Ltd provides expert keyboard cleaning services with safe and efficient techniques to eliminate dirt, dust, and germs, resulting in a pristine and sanitised keyboard.
  • Emphasise the advantages in performance:
    Experiencing issues like sticky keys, unresponsive buttons, and slow performance? A keyboard that is polluted might impede your productivity and lead to frustration. Our skilled cleaning procedure eliminates concealed dirt and grime, restoring your keyboard to its full functionality.
    Enhance typing efficiency and productivity by keeping your keyboard clean.
  • Avoid the costly errors in your staff cleaning their own keyboard:
    Avoid wasting time attempting to clean your keyboard on your own! Our skilled experts utilise specialised equipment and techniques to meticulously clean your keyboard without causing harm to the fragile components. We provide simple pick-up and drop-off services, as well as on-site cleaning for your convenience.

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